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  • Paatz Drill Heads


Paatz drill heads are customized for your technological specifications. From construction and manufacturing to fitting with a subsequent computer-assisted test run, we adhere to strict quality guidelines with utmost accuracy.

Designed for use in transfer lines, revolving transfer machines, drill head changers or machining centers, our multi-spindle heads help you to rationalize your manufacturing process. They are characterized by their excellent robustness and durability.

Let us convince you with our technical know-how, many years of experienceand competence. Put us to the test!

We construct and manufacture MULTI-SPINDLE HEADS for you!!

  • Multi-spindle drill heads
  • Thread drilling heads
  • Milling heads
  • Turning units
  • Rotary heads
  • Custom models
  • Interchangeable heads for machining centers
  • Barrel units
    … as well as spindle assemblies and components


Multi-spindle drill heads

Multi-spindle drill heads according to DIN 69001, 69002 as well as special designs

Our multi-spindle heads are precision-manufactured down to the micron and assist you in producing or processing standard parts and combine precision and performance with excellent reliability. Numerous customers from the automotive industry have been counting on Paatz quality multi-spindle heads for years. From development and a complete transmission calculation to the final assembly and a concluding test run, our facility offers you the entire package, custom-tailored to your individual needs.

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Thread drilling heads

Each Paatz thread drilling head contains the experience and expertise of over 50 years of quality products

By now over a thousand of our extremely sturdy thread drilling heads are holding their ground working hard day in, day out at customer sites. Of course this is a source of pride for us, but also a daily incentive for new tasks and challenges. The latest computerized testing methods safeguard the supreme quality and durability of our thread drilling heads.

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Milling heads

Milling heads for the professional processing of standard parts

Paatz is offering nearly all conceivable methods for the professional machining of standard parts: whether you need a premium drill head or a sturdy milling head for your processing task; decades of experience, uncompromising love for detail and reliable delivery save you time, money, and ultimately worry. We provide you with the right solution for single- or multi-spindle milling tasks, taking into account your wishes and specifications.

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Turning units

Robust turning units and boring heads

High-quality and sturdy turning units and boring heads for the economic processing of cylindrical-type bores and tube ends are our specialty. Of course we also manufacture custom solutions to your individual specifications.



Rotary Heads

Rotary heads by Paatz - replacing multiple processing units

We manufacture swiveling spindle heads precisely to your needs. We produce multi-spindle drill heads with great attention to detail for machining your standard parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearboxes, axle journals, crankshafts and con-rods, with your individual benefit in mind first and foremost. Superior quality and highly exacting testing methods guarantee reliability and smoothly-running processes on your production line.

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Special models for finishing work

Constructing and manufacturing from scratch is one of our specialties.

In this way we can also manufacture highest-quality one-of-a-kind solutions for perfect surface finishing according to your specifications. Over 100 years of experience and a team of motivated specialists translate all construction parameters to a functional product in a technologically optimized fashion to your fullest satisfaction.

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Interchangeable heads for machining centers

Interchangeable heads make for extreme productivity.

Wise production managers tailor your tooling machine and the interchangeable head precisely to your needs. Paatz can assist you so this “changeover” will always be a success. Whether your machining centers use a single- or a multi-spindle unit with automatic or manual exchange or adjustment: increasing your productivity will always be in focus.

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Hydraulic barrel units

Streamlining with barrel units

Self-contained barrel units deliver great streamlining effects on a small scale. We manufacture barrel units for all established tool holders with various barrel travel distances and feed forces. All you need is a fixed base plate for securing the unit, as well as electric and hydraulic connectivity. Even small streamlining efforts can pay off big time.

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