Paatz offers you a wide range of service features beyond manufacturing and sales. We not only repair and update your machinery, manufacture individual pieces and assemblies, also according to DIN standards, we also calculate cutting parameters and cycle times and offer extensive product and quality control measures.


Refurbishment - Update - Repair

Because we know our machines and those of our customers, we're their natural competent service partner for repairing, updating and refurbishing machines.

We support you in the “recycling” of your machines, extending your high productivity into the future. In this task you can take full advantage of our team and their knowledge, from construction to installation.


Manufacture of Individual Parts and Small Batches

Of course we also manufacture individual parts and small batches according to your personal preferences and specifications and have our design team assist you in the construction process.

  • Spindles and Shafts (incl. counterbalancing); Length 800 mm max., Diameter 500 mm max.
  • Welded Assemblies
  • Base plate and casing parts, dimensions 1000mm x 800mm x 1500 mm max. (BxHxD)


Manufacture of Individual Parts and Assemblies according to DIN 69002 and DIN 69001

We'll let you have the best:

  • Delivery of complete assemblies and individual parts according toDIN 69002 (strain-relieved and damped via zero-backlash coupler)
  • Manufacture and installation of complete replacement assemblies according to drawing
  • Delivery of complete assemblies and individual parts according toDIN 69001


Cutting Parameter and Cycle Time Calculations

Machines and machining plans need regular complete recalculation of cycle times and cutting parameters in constant comparison with alternative machining plans. Then and only then you can rest assured not to waste any valuable time and money on elaborate corrective measures, so that in the end your calculation and revenue forecast line up! We calculate our values with care and experience, and thoroughly analyze alternatives, for a result you can rely on.


Control and Measuring Equipment

All our products are subject to a double testing protocol so you can always be sure that your clamping, line drilling or double clamping device etc. is a product of utmost quality and precision. We perform our measurements with the latest technology by Carl Zeiss.

Technical Specifications::

  • Maximum access to all surfaces and bores for testing
  • If needed, the recording is made while installed as realistically as possible


We construct and manufacture measuring devices for you

We design measuring devices specifically for the measuring and control of your components for inclusion in your measuring machine or your test bench.


3D Measurement

Precision guaranteed by the latest measuring technology

Two cutting-edge measuring systems and highly trained employees with extensive practical experience make for precise measuring results. Your parts, assemblies and other metal components are subjected to a practical test with our coordinate measuring device in our fully air-conditioned 3D measuring room, guaranteeing you complete security.

We use two Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring devices with the latest-generation software “Calypso”

Prismo 7 (x = 900mm, y = 1200mm, z = 700mm)
Prismo 10 (x = 1200mm, y = 1800mm, z = 1000mm)

Measuring, adjustment and reporting according to customer specifications (3D dataset or drawing)


Concentricity test

Short drill spindles are at the heart of high-quality multi-spindle heads. Taking utmost care while mounting these assemblies is a matter of course. On the concentricity testing device, we analyze the concentricity tolerance of a spindle assembly so no dropouts can occur on intermittent assembly lines or machining centers during hard daily operation.


TRIBO bonderizing

This method for phosphatizing steel and aluminum which was developed in cooperation by Paatz and Chemnitz Technical University offers you shaft-to-collar connections of a new generation! This specific procedure increases the load capacity and lifespan of the power transmission elements in gearboxes, rolling contact bearings and, generally, for all crimp connections.

  • Multiplied transmission power of the connection compared to standard crimped shaft-to-collar connections
  • Multiple damage-free crimp and release processes possible without loss in transmission power
  • Can be performed as force or shrink fits
  • Crimping process can be performed without lubricant
  • Also suitable for thin-walled parts and hollow shafts
  • Prevention of TRIBO corrosion (frictional corrosion)
  • Lower cost compared to form-locking shaft-to-collar connections

Do you have a special task? Please talk to us and we'll be happy to clarify all the details in collaboration with the Technical University!


Interference Contour Analysis

At Paatz, we pay great attention to only match what really belongs together. Interference contour analysis is a special service and an important component of smooth, uninterrupted production/manufacture.