• Paatz Gripping And Handling Systems
  • Paatz Gripping And Handling Systems
  • Paatz Gripping And Handling Systems


We manufacture individual grabber technology for you at the highest possible quality. Fine-tuned to your specific needs, our robotic hands can perform highly diverse tasks for you, from simply discharging an injection molding machine to integrated application in complex and automated manufacturing processes. The complex robotic hands perform your tasks with optimum precision and of course to your fullest satisfaction. Our long-lasting collaboration with the automotive industry in other product areas guarantees supreme quality and reliability you can trust.

Some usage examples:

  • Discharge and insertion of components
  • Gripping sprues with suction devices, sprue grippers etc.
  • Discharge of non-grippable parts with suction devices
  • Relocation of injection-molded parts and substrates (Multi-component technology)
  • Insertion of parts to be encapsulated (shafts, contacts, sheaths etc.)
  • Sprue separation in the grabber or at separate stations
  • Monitoring of grabber position and functions

In this area we work in close collaboration with plastic industry machine manufacturers, but of course we also design your own processes using gripping and handling technology in conjunction with different types of machinery.